Have you ever wanted a front row seat at a Gymnastics meet?  Do you want a fun way to stay actively involved in a sports that builds character in athletes?  Do you look good in Navy Blue?  Then consider joining the ranks of the Minnesota Gymnastics Judges!

No previous gymnastics experience is necessary!  If you have the interest, we can teach you the rest.

Your first step, is to contact Connie Dickson, New Judge Liaison and Jennifer Sampson, State Judging Director.  They will be able to provide you detailed information regarding study materials and testing opportunities.  You can also find a brief overview by clicking on the link here.

For greater detail, you can also read over USA Gymnastics New Judge Checklist (part 1, part 2, part 3), a quick guide to gymnastics shorthand (the funny squiggles we draw to replicate what we see), and a short guide of Artistry, AKA what makes a good routine great.  Ready to hang out with us or if you have more questions, contact Connie Dickson at [email protected].

Hope to see you with us soon!