Judges Cup Roles

Detailed information for the roles at Judges Cup:

Chief Judge: Serves as event captain. Responsible for ensuring everyone on your event has had time to come together to align on good/better/best before the meet (more on that below). Will also fulfill all duties of Chief Judge at any USAG sanctioned meet.

Acting Judge: Fulfills all duties of Acting Judge at any USAG sanctioned meet. Sits next to the scribe during the meet. On the day of, will be responsible for answering questions the scribe and routine/fall/warmup timers may have.

Scribe: Responsible for writing comments on routines while the routines are happening in real time. Note the written comments are given directly to the athletes (so be sure to keep critical comments diplomatic and encouraging). Because the meet needs to keep moving, there won’t be many opportunities to ask the judges what they’re looking for during performances, so it’s super important for y’all to be on the same page ahead of time. You will be given a form to fill out for the routines for each athlete, and you will be able to look at the forms ahead of the meet (don’t worry – it’s on our “To Do” list in the next couple weeks). Sits next to routine timers (if applicable).

Routine/fall timers: Responsible for timing routines and falls, and communicating with judges accordingly. This is a great opportunity to connect with the scribe if you have questions about athlete performances, AND say hi to the athletes and encourage them/congratulate them on their meet!

Warmup timers: Responsible for timing event warmups. Note that coaches will likely ask you questions, and this is a great opportunity for you to connect with coaches/athletes before they compete and make them feel welcome. It’s also important for you to be aligned with the rest of the judges on your event to ensure consistency in feedback.

Beam/Floor Routine Feedback: You are on your feet, talking to the coach while their athlete is competing, and providing verbal feedback on the text/artistry/overall performance of the routine. Because you’re not next to CJ/AJ, it’s super important for y’all to be aligned on good/better/best for your event to ensure the scores match the feedback.

Floor Manager/Announcer: You will be the face of the meet for the day. You are responsible for ensuring the flow of the sessions on floor (we’ll have two sets of equipment and only 1 floor), as well as introducing the sessions, announcing shout outs, setting the vibe/energy for the session, and connecting with the coaches and athletes to provide feedback/encouragement throughout.
Awards: Responsible for handing out awards and making all our athletes feel like absolute CHAMPIONS when they leave the meet.

New Judge Trainer is Kim; we’ll continue to connect as needed to introduce our new judges to the community and train them in.

Meet Referees are Connie O’Connell and Jasmine; Meet Director is Oksana – we are here for YOU. We’ll be floating around but please feel encouraged to find us on the day if you need anything.