Meet Ref Forms

The assorted Meet Ref forms can now be found here. Meet refs, please print the health form and bring that with you to meets.

Updated Requirements for National/Brevet Course 2022

The volunteer requirements for the National/Brevet Course have been updated. Please click here to read the release from USAG.

Mileage Rate for 2021

The mileage rate for 2021 will decrease to $0.56 per mile. Click here for the USAG release.

WTC Meeting Minutes

The women’s Technical Committee met online 22-Oct-2020 and 24-Oct-2020. Please click here to find the details of their meeting.

Covid-19 Meet Details

We’ve added a section to this website specifically to find information and documents you will need this season. Click here to see details.

USAG JO Flip Book Page Updates

The JO pages for the Flip Book judging aide have been updated. Click here to see the updates.