Train Your Eye

Xcel Practice Judging Videos and Scripts

The NAWGJ Education Committee solicited help from the 2021 Xcel Regional judging panels to score these routines. Complete score breakdowns are available in the pdf’s that accompany this project. The first 5 routines have been scored and the remaining routines are for your practice.

Bronze Routine
Silver Routines
Gold Routines
Platinum Routines
Diamond Routines
Script for all the deductions

Uneven Bar Releases – Good, Better, Best

Judy Schalk breaks down some common bar release moves, and how to differentiate between good, better and best. Click here to watch the video.

Level 7 Vault

Click here for a review by Linda Thorberg on the 7 Vault. This is the presentation from the 2021 NAWGJ Online Clinic.

Level 6/7 Vault Drawings

Click here to see line art examples of different level 6/7 vaults, and click here for the compulsory handspring vault. Great for teaching based on the body size what height should be achieved.

Bar Angles

Click here for Robin’s presentation on bar angles.

Introduction to Footwork